The features

SIGSCAN: Indoor positioning features but not only

Based on the computed positions, SIGSCAN shows your objects positions on the map of your buildings.

But SIGSCAN, is much more than that.

Thanks to the positioning data, you can answer many use cases: Produciton follow-up, Inventories, Assets management, Healthcare material positioning, propose directions …

Connected with some additional features, SIGSCAN is the solution fully fitting your needs.

Alerts and notifications

SIGSCAN has an alert engine allowing to detect and be notified of different abnormal situations.

  • Objects entering specific area
  • Stay time in a zone which is too long
  • Objects going out of zone
  • Tags Low battery
  • Maintenance date
  • Too low or too high temperature

Be notifed real time directly in the SIGSCAN application, in your mobile or by email.

Assets management

SIGSCAN allows you to differentiate your different kinds of assets

Define your different kinds of assets, and classify your objects. Moreover, you can implement specific parameters based on your assets types:

  • Date,
  • values,
  • Text fields …

Then SIGSCAN allows you to search easily your objects based on those custom fields!

Positioning histories

SIGSCAN records all your assets positions. Analyze how your assets are moving, how they are used, and how much time they stay on a zone.

Visualize directly how your assets move on the map or get them on a list.

Export the positioning data and use them for advanced analyze in your favorite lean management tool.

Indicators and dashboards

SIGSCAN can be used on monitoring screens. Positions and indicators can be viewed in real time !

  • Define the indicators you want to follow
  • Position them on custom dashboards
  • Go to full screen for a better visualization

Request management and booking

SIGSCAN implements a system to handle reservation request and booking of your assets.

You can request, book and even assign your assets. Define custom workflows to ease your assets management and be as close as possible to your process.

Thanks to the positioning, find easily your assets in your storage zone or wherever it was forgotten.